Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy :

  1. Ants Hut will endeavor to deliver all products within 10 to 14 days of accepting confirmed payment for the order.
  2. Ants Hut cannot and will not take responsibility for customers’ change of mind. A refund will only be processed for damage in product material or if the finished item is not as per the customer requirement.
  3. Ants Hut cannot change and /or influence the policies of the courier company in any way.
  4. Ants Hut cannot and will not influence the customs and quarantine procedures of any country to which the items have been dispatched.
  5. Ants Hut will endeavor to deliver the items to its customers wherever they reside. However, in the event of the customer not being available at the specified address during that delivery run, then, a note to that effect will be left at the door or in the mail box at that address. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange an alternate time and / place during the normal working hours with the courier company to collect their item.
  6. In the event that the customer has not taken delivery of their item, the courier company will keep the item in their storage for certain days. This depends upon which country the delivery is made. After such time, the item will be shipped back to Ants Hut warehouse. Such returns and or / non delivery of items due to customer fault, will attract additional costs and will have to be borne by the customer.
  7. Ants Hut will not be responsible for lost and stolen packages or any full or partial damages to the package after being left at customer's address by postal / courier agency.
  8. Ants Hut will try to deliver to all and any postal address around the world. Ants Hut requests all customers to provide correct addresses including street / building / plot number along with correct pin code / zip code for ease of delivery. Courier companies cannot and will not deliver to P O Box. Our courier company cannot provide signed confirmation of any package if the item is left at the door due to the customer not being available during the time of delivery. To ensure that no disputes arise due to this, kindly make sure that someone is there to receive the package when courier delivery is attempted. At no point will any deliveries be made during Saturday and Sundays. In many middle-eastern countries Fridays and Saturdays are considered weekends. No deliveries, in this case will be made on Fridays. Sometimes we can try to organize deliveries on Saturdays also on some extra cost on case to case basis. This facility lies solely at the discretion of the courier companies. Ants Hut cannot and will not take any responsibility for the items in such case.
  9. Ants Hut will send the customer a notification regarding the shipment of the customer order, as soon as the items are handed over to the Courier. These notifications will contain the tracking number and courier companies website details along with expected date of delivery. The customer may use this website to track their shipment at their convenience.
  10. Once an order is registered, the customer cannot make any alterations. However, Ants Hut will allow for address alteration requests to be made within 24 hours of placing the order. Please note that this change or alteration requests may delay and /or affect the delivery of the item as this change has to be processed by our courier companies as well. Delays and any additional fees and charges for such delivery due to customer alteration of address is not the responsibility of Ants Hut.
  11. Customs Taxes and Import Duties are not in the control of Ants Hut. They vary according to the rules of different countries and must be paid directly by the buyer. Customs Taxes and Import Duties are not included in our ordering process, but may be charged to the customer by the customers’ government. International customers are responsible for any customs or duty fees levied by their country. Ants Hut has no control over these charges and cannot predict where they will occur, as policies vary greatly from nation to nation. They are entirely the customers’ responsibility. The courier company may also charge some additional service charges over and above custom duty on case to case basis.


Return Policy :

Customer satisfaction is the primary objective of Ants Hut. Ants Hut will always try to do what is best for all our customers at any given point in time. However, there are and / will be situations where due to any or specific unforeseen circumstances, the customer is unhappy with the products or services offered by Ants Hut, the following terms, but not limited to, will apply:

  1. Ants Hut will, at all times, try to assist the customer in every possible way. However, the customer must note that all garments are made available to the customer at their specific requirement. Ants Hut cannot and will not guarantee that any alteration to this requirement initiated by the customer would be correct or better in terms of quality of the finished product.
  2. Ants Hut will exhaust every possible avenue to satisfy our customers in delivering to required specification. We encourage customers to kindly write to Ants Hut if the products and services offered by Ants Hut do not in some or any way meet the requirement.
  3. Ants Hut will always be dedicated to offer all customers the best products and services. However, there may be cases where the products offered by Ants Hut contain manufacturing defects or damaged during transit or an item is delivered to the customer by mistake. In such cases, where these situations are sometimes beyond the control of Ants Hut, strong and transparent measures will be taken to ensure these situations do not get repeated.

 Never send back an item without reading and understanding the refund policy. DO NOT send the item back to us until we have instructed the customer to do so. Such returns should be done using registered mail / courier as instructed in our return authorization mail. The customer must report any and/or all problems associated with the delivery. The customer must specify any and/or all problems with their delivery by giving all possible details. These problems will be examined by Ants Hut against the problems specified by the customer. Ants Hut, as far as possible, will try to ensure that all returns are genuine and fair. If Ants Hut is not satisfied and/convinced that the problems and/ variations specified by the customer do not exist, then, all charges (including shipping) and other administration costs are to be borne by the customer. Ants Hut will not accept any item returned after used washed, altered etc. by the customer. The customer should mark such items as defective and take utmost care in sending any or all items to Ants Hut. No refunds can be made if items sent back to Ants Hut does not reach or are damaged or lost in transit.

 Credits :

All credits to be posted to a customer's credit card account takes about 3 to 5 business days to be processed. The corresponding bank of the customers may take about 2 business days to actually post these to the customer's accounts from the date we processed the credits. Customers can check these credits in their next credit card statement.

Item received in damaged condition / manufacturing defect or wrong item : 

If the customer have received a damaged item or if the item the customer received was not the item the customer ordered or if it was misrepresented on our site, please contact us by email within 24 hours of the customer receipt of the product. It is important that the customer have all packing materials as well as the item itself. When the customer contacts us, we'll give the customer instructions on how to proceed.

  • We will ship a replacement item at the earliest possible with no extra shipping cost to the customer.
  • If the original ordered item is no longer possible then we will request the customer to choose an alternate item and express ship the same to the customer with no extra shipping cost to the customer. We will communicate with the customer about the customer r wishes to make sure the customer will be happy with the exchange.
  • If the customer does not want any alternate item then we will refund the customer in full with no deduction whatsoever. Or any other amicable resolution as mutually agreed with the customer.